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We understand our clients need a genuine advocate to stand if the going gets tough. We are vested in your security, and here when you need us most.


Our tech-savvy company remains current in delivering our services in the most efficient and convenient way, whether it’s in-person, mail, text or email .


We take time to shake your hand, unpack the details of your needs & provide you with the info needed to make an intelligent decision aligned with your goals.


We do what it takes to ensure our clients are protected, secure, and have peace of mind.  We operate with integrity and deliver the most personalized service.

” Fadaie  Insurance is the way to go!  I have not experienced nothing but honesty,  integrity and kindness!  They are wonderful and they will treat you like family. I appreciate everything  you have done for our family and I.  Thank you for also getting us the lowest rates and helping us with finding the best insurance suitable for us.   If you go with kash at Fadaie  insurance you will be in great hands guarantee!!! ”

Faith Miko

Yelp Review

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