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We’ll analyze the details of your life and your goals to determine the best strategy to meet your needs.


At Fadaie Insurance, we always take the time to thoroughly explain the “why” behind the products we recommend.


You can rest knowing we stand in for our clients when life happens.  Fadaie Insurance is a powerful advocate for those we insure.



The largest investment most people make is the purchase of their home.  Hazard Insurance as it is called, protects the consumer for 16 perils (causes of loss).  However, there are certain exclusions in homeowners contracts that the agency must make clear to their customers.  Our philosophy is to first educate the clients on what their policy covers and does not cover.  Secondly, we provide the most robust homeowners policies available in our nation.


Essentially, Insurance is the means of protection from financial loss.  Risk happens! It uncertain when and where a loss may occur.  We as risk managers, offer Auto Protection not only for the insured vehicle, but other involved.  But auto insurance spans further. Our products indemnify even if the vehicle is stolen, are on fire, or in a flood.  With so many insurers to choose from, we believe that explaining coverages to the consumer is of the utmost importance.  Secondly, we only engage with insurers that bring forth a value proposition to our clients.  We hope you never have to use your Auto Insurance, but when and if you do, it must be a quality experience.


We will help you protect your business from a variety of claims including bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and others that can arise from your everyday business operations.


Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Kasha and Liz where able to mediate a then existing problem that escalated with Met Life Insurance after I became aware of a surprising problem on my account. They were both very professional and able to resolve the issues at hand. Kasha and Liz provided me excellent customer service always patient and compassionate. Even returning .00 of my lost income from my banking situation due to the insurance company drafting money on my account. I am to this day very happy with the services from Kasha and Fadaie Insurance Services, Inc. and will be looking forward to buying further policies with them when opening my next company. Thank you Kasha and Liz for all your help.”

Trina Nyangoto

It doesn’t matter who answers the phone at this agency they are the most helpful, professional, and courteous agents you will find. Not only did they save us money (even with 2 teen male drivers in my home). They helped us through an unfortunate accident. Even followed up with the insurance adjuster to make sure we were taken care of. Constantly surprising me with continued follow up and checking my policies saving me money whenever they can even if it means more work for them. I do not take the time to write testimonials for companies very often. But I truly feel that this business is one of the few left that is staffed with people who honestly care about their clients. I highly recommend you at least give these guys a chance at earning your business. You will not be sorry.

Ron Martin

“I was in a situation where it was critical for me to save money on my home and auto insurance. Even a little savings would have helped but Kasha did more than that. He researched and placed me with a company that has an A+ rating with BBB and saved me 1,000 dollars on my new policy compared to my old! His service was a real blessing and I will continue to refer my family and friends. Thanks Kasha!”


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