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Commercial Insurance For Your Business!

Fadaie Insurance Inc. is a leading Temecula commercial insurance broker who is always aiming for excellence, specifically in customer service, and also top quality protection. Commercial insurance is a very important and necessary aspect for any business, in addition, it can be a requirement for licensing and obtaining permits. Furthermore, commercial insurance for the every business owner in Temecula, CA is an excellent way to show just how reputable your business is to your clients.

     Choosing Fadaie Insurance for your commercial insurance needs is another way of show integrity and intelligence. Achieving excellence through service and quality is only part of the equation, in addition, experience, hard work, and also dedication, to providing affordable coverage is also taken very seriously. Fadaie Insurance has the knowledge and know-how to understand the specific needs of each client according to their business type, size, and location.

     Determining exactly the right policy, plus the coverages needed to ensure safe and secure business operations is a talent gained over many years of being in the commercial insurance business. Working with many local businesses along with top rated providers to help achieve these important and needed coverages is just one of Fadaie’s strengths as well as specialties. 

     To ensure your business has the correct commercial insurance policies in place, be sure to give Fadaie Insurance a call for a free quote and also a consultation to find out what your business insurance needs are so that the proper policies are quoted.

Types of Commercial Insurance: General Liability!

    One type of commercial insurance is general liability insurance. This is a basic liability insurance for businesses which in many cases is required by the state in which you do business in, in order to be licensed. General liability covers many of the accident and injury claims that may be filed in any particular circumstances including but not limited to; a patron falling on your property due to negligence or improper safety requirements. Fadaie Insurance is a top

    Fadaie Insurance is a top commercial insurance broker in the Temecula Valley, and also help local businesses get coverage, to protect against any of the above circumstances, along with finding the best providers and policies that fit specific business needs. 

Commercial Insurance for your Truck or fleet!

     Commercial insurance for your truck or business fleet may be an overlooked necessity for your company. Making sure your commercial vehicles are properly insured is an important part of good business practices. We understand the busy life of a business owner and how things can be forgotten, misunderstood and just lost in the shuffle. To be confident you have your commercial vehicles properly insured, call Fadaie Insurance and get peace of mind knowing you’re covered with the correct commercial insurance for your truck or business fleets along with all your other commercial insurance needs.