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Life insurance can help your family maintain the lifestyle they’ve grown to love and provide longer-lasting financial security. Your family can use it to help pay for funeral expenses, housing costs, medical bills not covered by health insurance, children’s college, debts and just about anything else they may need.

There is no such thing as a one size fits all solution. 


We help you strategize to find the perfect policy designed for you, and your life style. Ask us today on how we can find you the perfect solution.


Strategizing is one thing, but making sure it fits in the budget is another. We will make sure your policy is at a rate you are comfortable with.


A piece of our strategy is being realistic. You definitely want to make sure you have enough, but is there is also such things as to much. 

Quality Life Insurance. Simple Process.

You want to take care of what matters most. Your family is unique, your life insurance should be to. 

A life insurance policy works similarly to any other type of insurance policy. You determine how much coverage you need, how long you need it and then you make your payments (called premiums). You typically can choose to pay monthly, annually or quarterly for 10, 20, 30 years or over your lifetime to maintain the coverage.

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Getting you the best rate, and perfect policy is easy! With our relationship to over 30 companies puts you light years away from the competition. 

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Whether you’re a parent, a homeowner or you’re starting a brand new business, it’s important to make sure your assets are protected – today and for years to come. 

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Check out answers below to some normal questions. You can also call one of our experts. 

What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance provides a payout after your death to the people you designate as beneficiaries. It’s an important safety net if anyone depends on you financially. The life insurance payout can pay debts such as a mortgage, replace your income and provide college tuition funds.

Who needs Life Insurance?

Fadaie Insurance recommends life insurance for anyone who has loved ones who depend on them financially. This includes working or stay-at-home parents, homeowners who have a mortgage, business owners and others.

What's the difference between whole life & term life inurance?

Term insurance covers you for a set amount of time and is sufficient for most people. Among the various types of life insurance available, term life insurance quotes are the most affordable. Whole life insurance pays out no matter when you die, and builds cash value that you can access

How are life insurance quotes calculated?

Life insurance companies use life expectancy as the basis for determining rates. Anything that could shorten your life expectancy will typically lead to a higher price. Your age, gender, health conditions and family’s health history are all taken into consideration

Can I get life insurance if I have a medical condition?

Don’t let a health condition stop you from getting life insurance quotes. 80% of people overestimate the cost of term life insurance. Life insurance is widely available to people with medical conditions

What information is required when applying for term life insurance?

You’re typically asked about your current and past health conditions, and your family health history. The insurer may ask for your consent to get your medical records and may ask you to take a life insurance medical exam. Insurers will also check other data sources to determine term life insurance quotes

If you are covered under a group life insurance policy through your employer, do you still need a personal policy?

It is generally a good idea to have your own life insurance policy outside the coverage provided by your employer. The policy through your employer is likely not enough and typically ends if you leave the job.

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