Nelson Mendoza

I had a great experience with Fadaie Insurance Services. I wanted to switch insurance providers but was not convinced on doing so. I bought my property insurance policy with Fadaie Insurance Services back in 2011 but never bothered to come in. Until Stephanie called me regarding my renewal of my property insurance policy, after she notified me that it was paid for the year, she then brought to my attention that since I already have an insurance policy for my home through them why don’t we help you get a great quote and maybe buy a policy for your auto. I came in and I got the best customer service ever in a insurance community. Not only did I get treated like family but Stephanie sat down with me and made time on her schedule to explain the differences of my current policy to the quotes she was pulling up for me. In conclusion she saved me so much money for both my Auto and Motorcycle insurances and for more coverage than just the minimal California insurance coverage that the state requires you to have on your vehicle. Now I am paying way less and for more coverage, I don’t know about you but that sounds good to me. I highly recommend this place all around./p>

Ron Martin

It doesn’t matter who answers the phone at this agency they are the most helpful, professional, and courteous agents you will find. Not only did they save us money (even with 2 teen male drivers in my home)…They helped us through an unfortunate accident. Even followed up with the insurance adjuster to make sure we were taken care of. Constantly surprising me with continued follow up and checking my policies saving me money whenever they can even if it means more work for them. I do not take the time to write testimonials for companies very often. But I truly feel that this business is one of the few left that is staffed with people who honestly care about their clients. I highly recommend you at least give these guys a chance at earning your business. You will not be sorry.

Aaron Tellez

“I was in a situation where it was critical for me to save money on my home and auto insurance. Even a little savings would have helped but Kasha did more than that. He researched and placed me with a company that has an A+ rating with BBB and saved me 1,000 dollars on my new policy compared to my old! His service was a real blessing and I will continue to refer my family and friends. Thanks Kasha!”

Eric Worthy

“I first came to Fadaie Insurance with my Brother. Kasha quickly showed me some policies. When I left the office that day I had a new policy in my hand. I came back a second time with my girlfriend to purchase Dental Insurance. We have been very happy and satisfied with Kasha and his group. Thank you!”

Debra Caro

“Fadaie Insurance is an insurance I would recommend to anyone who needs insurance (any kind). Mr Fadaie is a family man and a christian and very patient with his customers. He explains everything in detail. I think we are actually friends for life. Of course we are brothers and sisters in Christ!”

Alex Salicrup

“Just wanted to say thanks for all your help yesterday and today. It’s the same thing every time, I get that family style attention from you folk. Thanks.”

Trina Nyangoto

“Kasha and Liz where able to mediate a then existing problem that escalated with Met Life Insurance after I became aware of a surprising problem on my account. They were both very professional and able to resolve the issues at hand. Kasha and Liz provided me excellent customer service always patient and compassionate. Even returning .00 of my lost income from my banking situation due to the insurance company drafting money on my account. I am to this day very happy with the services from Kasha and Fadaie Insurance Services, Inc. and will be looking forward to buying further policies with them when opening my next company. Thank you Kasha and Liz for all your help.”

Manuel Gulley

“Fadaie Insurance provided me with accuracy, curtious and a helpful hand in my insurance needs. They provide me with professional and fast help. Out of all of the insurance companies that I have been to, Fadaie Insurance Services is by far superior.”

Lee Hardin

“Excellent, experience when dealing with Fadaie Insurance. Super low prices, great efficient service.”