Art Gallery Owner & Dealer Insurance CaliforniaAs an art gallery owner and dealer, you are the caretaker of many fine pieces of art and collectibles. Many of your items are one of a kind, limited editions or graded and could never be replaced. It is important that you carry the right kind of insurance policy to protect these valuables during:

  • Exhibits
  • Tradeshows
  • Showings
  • And in-transit

Because we offer a specialized insurance policy just for Art Gallery Owners & Dealers, you get unparalleled insurance protection not only for your items, but for:

  • Owned inventory
  • Loaned items
  • Consignment items

Sometimes your events can include entertaining guests and offering food and beverage. Because of this, we can get special event insurance that includes liquor liability as well as coverage for off-premise showings and exhibitions.

Additional coverage options to speak with an agent about include:

  • Coverage for your fixtures and furniture
  • Fine arts legal liability
  • Earthquake & Flood coverage
  • And much more.

Let our agents guide you through getting the right coverage for your art gallery. We’ll show you options to protect your gallery as well as give you pricing and coverage options that make sense. Call and speak to one of our licensed agents today.