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HUD Helps Reduce Childhood Lead Poisoning

To help ensure families protect their children from lead poisoning, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) recently announced new Guidelines on how to identify and control lead-based paint and related hazards in housing, and to help property owners, government agencies, and private contractors sharply reduce childhood exposure to lead without unnecessarily increasing […]

5 Gifts to Ensure Happy, Healthy Dogs

Today’s modern world shows how much our relationship with animals has changed, says animal chiropractic consultant Dr. Rod Block. “Back before the mechanical wonders of industrialization, we relied upon animals to carry the brunt of our work; essentially, their purpose was to haul loads, plow fields and chase down prey,” says Block, author of “Like […]

Tips for Heating and Cooling Your Home

*By Barbara Pronin, RISMedia Columnist It’s possible to reduce home energy costs by as much as a third this year by following four simple recommendations. “Fans, lighting, doors and windows can suck up a lot of energy,” said Do-it-Yourself video host Jeff Meacham. You can improve efficiency and save money in four main areas.” Ceiling […]

Napping: Not Just For Kids

*By Barbara Pronin, RISMedia Consumer Columnist For some people, an afternoon nap is a signal you are losing your edge. For others –and not just for the elderly – naps can be a valued way of life. Most people, say the sleep experts at the Mayo Clinic, fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. […]

Seniors: Have a Safe and Healthy Winter Season

*By Dr. Judith S. Black Helping older family members stay safe, secure and independent begins with preparation in the home. Learn how to help seniors stay safe and healthy by following these tips: Since snow and ice and other adverse weather conditions raise the risk of falls during the winter season, it is important to […]

The Cost of Not Paying Attention

Three out of every four motorists are focusing on something other than driving while behind the wheel, according to a poll conducted by Leger Marketing. With the aim of shedding light on the fact that dangerous driving isn’t limited to the standard categories of speeding or drunk driving, InsuranceHotline.com is drawing attention to the lesser […]